RISE Development: Blog Series-Part 2: Phoenix

Awe, Phoenix, the Grand Canyon State. You will always hold a special place in my heart. I gathered the most frequently ask questions from you, the readers and am here to answer those questions and share my experiences, so far. Here’s how my interview went:

Q & A with A.T. Home With You
1.) What is your favorite thing to do in Phoenix?
My favorite thing to do in Phoenix would be… live events and anything outdoors! Everything from their sporting events, to concerts, to their taco festival, indoor skydiving, fashion week, restaurant week, EVERYTHING!
2.) What is one of your most memorable moments in Phoenix? One of my most memorable moments in Phoenix would have to be…I have been there so much and spent so much time there, I don’t know if I have one memory that stands out more than the other. I will say, I have had so many great memories made there!
3.) What is your favorite type of food Phoenix has to offer?
Everything! If there is one thing you all should know by now…. I LOVE FOOD! ha4.) How’s the Nightlife in Phoenix? I am definitely a fan of the nightlife in Phoenix, well Scottsdale to be exact. Downtown Phoenix has plenty to offer, but some of my most memorable nights at the clubs and bars would be in Scottsdale.
5.) Is Phoenix a family-friendly city? I would say Phoenix is a family-friendly city. You can check out plenty of Spring Training games with the family, there is the Wildlife World Zoo, the Phoenix Zoo with “Zoolights” and the Botanical Gardens, they have a new aquarium, OdySea. There is plenty of shopping and water parks and not to mention Sedona is only two hours away!
6.) Do they have sports teams in Phoenix?
Yes, they do. I am not sure how many to be exact, but they have The Phoenix Rising FC MLS, Cardinals NFL, Suns NBA, Diamondbacks MLB, and am sure there are more.
7.) How often do you visit Phoenix? I visit Phoenix at least once a month.
8.) Why do you like visiting Phoenix so often? Well, I’m there for work at least once a month and also, once again, I have plenty of friends and family that live there. Win, win!
9.) What is your favorite season in Phoenix? Does Phoenix have seasons? Lol jk I would have to say… Summer, haha totally kidding. It’s too hot for me, but I do still enjoy it there during the summer. Besides work, summer time is for the pool and adventure, so I would say spring and fall would be my favorite season(s).
10.) Would you ever consider living in Phoenix? I have considered living in Phoenix before and I would say if on and off there for a few months counts as living there, then I have semi-lived there before. And, I loved every minute of it.

Have you ever been to Phoenix? What was your most memorable moments and experiences? Share them with us! Ooooh and send pics!

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